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All Under ONE Roof

BeraTek Industries is a place for entrepreneurs to take ideas through the phases of design for manufacturing, tooling, production, warehousing, fulfillment and marketing. We offer all of these services under one roof allowing us to react quickly to the needs of our customers.

Customer Reviews

  • I trusted BeraTek Industries with my product to create a prototype and take it through to manufacturing. I am so happy I have a life time warranty with my tooling at BeraTek, because it will save me money as well as maintain a great manufacturing relationship.

    William J.
  • BeraTek’s comprehensive service has been extremely valuable for me as an entrepreneur bringing a product from concept to commercial launch.

    Tom Lutz
    Founder of Repour
  • I have used BeraTek for my Product Design and Manufacturing and they have gone over and beyond what was expected from a Manufacturer. I have gained a lifelong business partner with BeraTek Industries.

    Carlton S.
    AutoBrake Inventor