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Plastic Injection Molding

Why Plastic Injection Molding

  1. Plastic injection molding is established and widely used manufacturing processes.
  2. Plastic injection molding is a precise way to mass manufacture and fabricate nearly any type of plastic part.
  3. Plastic injection molding is quick. While manufacturing speed is dependent on the complexity of a mold, on average only about 15 to 30 seconds pass between cycles.
  4. Plastic injection molding is low-cost production. Injection molding machines typically run a self-gating, automatic tool to keep operations streamlined and production ongoing, requiring minimal supervision.
  5. Plastic injection molding is environmentally friendly. With increased attention to sustainability, plastic injection molding processes benefit the environment by only using the required amount of plastic to build parts. Any excess material is recycled and reused to minimize product waste.
  6. Plastic injection molding is versatile. One mold can produce many variations of your product. Color and material type are easy to change in injection molding machines.
  7. Plastic injection molding is manufacturing process which provides you with a finished or production equivalent part and requires little to no end finishing. Quality molds will provide you with quality parts with the smooth finished appearance you want for your product.

What is Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the process of converting raw material into a finished good through the use of labor, machines, and tools. Specifically, plastic injection molding is the process of injecting molten raw material (resin) into a mold containing a 3D cavity of your final part. Every 30-60 seconds a product ejects from the mold and is ready for its next step in the journey to market.

Why do I need Manufacturing?

Whether it’s small or large scale manufacturing, to sell your products to consumers, your product needs to be manufactured and done so efficiently.

What Types of Manufacturing do you have?

Plastic Injection Molding – Automated manufacturing environment great for producing perfect products over and over.

Overmolding – The process of injecting a dissimilar material over an existing product. Think toothbrush…toothbrushes have a hard polypropylene-like material and a soft, grippy rubber-like material. This is achieved by first injecting the hard resin to yield an in-process part, placing that part into another mold cavity and injecting a dissimilar material over the top of it to create a chemical bond between the two.

Why Manufacture with BeraTek?

BeraTek’s processes are streamlined with the focus on getting your products to market faster and more cost-effectively compared to traditional injection molding manufacturers. Our process is VerTeKally integrated which allows us complete control over the path to market. We design products, engineer molds, manufacture molds and product all under one roof. We call it the “New Standard In Manufacturing”. No longer are you the general contractor assembling the pieces necessary to launch a new product. Share your idea with us and we will utilize our developed processes to push your product through the pipeline as we’ve done time and time again internally and for customers. Our experienced team ensures your product is made to the highest quality standards right here in the USA.

One Million Shot Mold Warranty

During your time manufacturing with BeraTek, we provide you with a million shot warranty on your tooling. We take care of all preventative maintenance and any issues related to mold functionality for the first one million shots!

No Minimum Order

We understand small companies and know that minimum order quantities are often a barrier to entry. We want to help by offering no minimum orders on manufactured part runs. We simply charge a fixed fee to set up the mold in the machine and from there we don’t mind if you run 10 or 10 million pieces. As a small or even large company you have plenty of places to spend your capital, let’s not invest it in inventory that has yet to sell!

Color/Material Options

We have a wide range of color and material options. We can access just about any color under the sun and a host of materials that are certain to meet your products’ needs. Just shout with questions on color/material options!

Quality Control

With a seasoned quality control expert heading our program, you can rest assured all product leaving our facility meets or exceeds strict, defined quality standards. We hold the first production run to super tight quality standards and provide you with a series of “rejects” to approve or reject. Ultimately you are the expert on your own product so we allow you to help define the quality program and we ensure our production team maintains the program each run.