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Product Design

What is Product Design?

Product Design is the process of developing a new product to be utilized by a business internally or to distribute to consumers. The product design process is a set of strategic and tactical activities, from idea generation to commercialization, used to finalize a manufacturable design. Product designers and engineers conceptualize and evaluate new ideas with the intent of turning them into tangible inventions and products.


In order to be efficient in the manufacturing process, you must first start with the development and engineering of your design. Essentially taking your napkin sketch and translating it into a CAD file that is universal and speaks to your selected manufacturing team. Product design is without a doubt the most critical component of the development process and acts to guide the efforts of processes down the line (i.e., prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, etc.).


BeraTek’s design for manufacturing capabilities is what sets us apart from our competition. At some point during the development process, your design will be evaluated for manufacturability. Our mission is to provide that service on the front end as opposed to the back end when you thought your design was finalized. All too often we receive customer files that yielded them a beautiful prototype off of a 3D printer, but unfortunately, zero effort was spent optimizing the design for manufacturing. Now that “finalized design” is evaluated for manufacturing and often significant changes affecting aesthetics are identified to guarantee quality parts of the mold. We take manufacturability into consideration throughout the design process, not after. Just one way we work to streamline the path to market.


It’s what we do. Not only have we designed and launched two successful consumer brands ourselves, but we’ve designed many top-selling products for our customers as well. Innovation is at the forefront of what we do and is a vital component when designing products that challenge the status quo. Any engineer can develop you a CAD model, but our involvement extends beyond modeling itself. Our design team delivers on your vision both aesthetically and functionally. We hold your hand every step of the way with the end goal of capturing your product vision, designing all parts with manufacturing in mind and delivering a product that meets the needs of your target market.