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Warehousing & Distribution

You have finished goods, but how do you get it to customers? You need packaging, you need a place to store inventory and you need a system to deliver a product. Leave it to us to work through logistics!

Once your product is manufactured, we can warehouse product until you need it. Whether it be releasing product to you as the market demands it our shipping product direct to your end user, we are happy to handle all of your fulfillment needs.

Our team will process any returns and evaluate any returned product to ensure it meets initial quality standards before repackaging for sale.

What is Distribution?

Distribution is the process of getting a product to the market whether it be direct to consumer, direct to retail locations or direct to a distributor.

Why do I need Distribution?

When a customer, retailer, or distributor purchases your product, he/she will want to receive it in a timely manner. In a world with Amazon Prime, now more than ever consumers expect a quick turnaround time to receive product. Let us take the burden off you and let our team ensure orders are processed and fulfilled daily.

Different Types of Distribution

  • Retail: From our warehouse to a retail store or to their distribution centers.
  • Marketplace: From our warehouse to a marketplace distribution center, one example being Amazon.
  • Direct to Consumer: From our warehouse direct to the consumer.

Why Distribute with BeraTek?

Getting into retail stores is a long, time-consuming process. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work and have relationships with many of the large retailers. Our marketing team is happy to help navigate the path to retail and make the necessary introductions to get your product into brick and motor stores.

If it is direct to consumer selling better suites your product offering, either through Amazon or a company website, we can handle that too. We currently ship thousands of products each week direct to consumer, retailers, and Amazon.