Product Distribution

You’ve got product made – but how do you get it to customers? You need packaging, you need a place to store inventory, and you need a system to deliver product. We can do that.

What is Distribution?

Distribution is the process of making a product available for use or consumption by consumer, using direct means, or using indirect means with intermediaries.

Why do I need Distribution?

When a customer buys your product either from the shelf or online he/she will want to receive that product as quickly as possible. Product distribution allows your product to get into the hands of customers quickly and efficiently.

Different types of Distribution

Retail | From our warehouse to a retail store or to their distribution centers.
Marketplace | From our warehouse to a marketplace distribution center, one example being Amazon.
Direct to Consumer | From our warehouse direct to the consumer.

Why Distribute with BeraTek?

Getting into retail stores is a long and time consuming process. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you and have relationships with most of the large retailers. If it is direct to consumer selling you are looking for, either through Amazon or a product website, we can do that too. We currently ship hundreds of products each week direct to consumer and to Amazon.


We will package your product safely into retail and/or shipping boxes and get everything ready for shipment.



We will keep your product on hand in our storage facility, managing inventory so that shipments can be made efficiently.


We will customize your shipment plan according to your products needs. From straight to customer individual shipments, to bulk shipment to distribution centers, we can help you get your product into the hands of consumers.

Packaging Team

We have a wonderful team equipt to help with logistics, packaging and shipment of your products.

Shipping Connections

We are connected with all of the top shipping carriers, so we can work to see which carrier will be the best fit for you.

Storage Facility

We have an 18,000 sq. foot facility, with almost a third of that being storage facility used for inventory storage.